Walling Technical Data

Bekstone reconstituted stone structural walling is available in a variety of colours, course heights and lengths to match most stone requirements and offers three types of finished textures.

A premium natural product that looks authentic, attractive and delivers high levels of durability.
Readily accepted by urban and rural planning authorities, the range offers a cost effective alternative to other cladding and building materials.

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Golden Buff Buff Brown Buff Black
Golden Buff Burford Walling Technical Data Sheet Buff Brown Burford Walling Technical Data Sheet Buff Black Burford Walling Technical Data Sheet






Natural Light Weathered

Grey Burford Walling Technical Data Sheet Ironstone Burford Walling Technical Data Sheet Natural Light Weathered Burford Walling Technical Data Sheet


Oolite Cream


Yate Grey


Sandown Green

Oolite Cream Burford Walling Technical Data Sheet Yate Grey Burford Walling Technical Data Sheet Sandown Burford Walling Technical Data Sheet



pack sizes

No. per
m2 per
229 x 102 x 65 415 7.44 55.8 3.1
305 x 102 x 65 309 7.30 42.3 4.0
380 x 102 x 65* 228 6.67 34.2 5.5
229 x 102 x 102 273 7.31 37.3 4.8
305 x 102 x 102 207 7.30 28.3 6.3
380 x 102 x 102 150 6.55 22.9 8.7
229 x 102 x 140 202 7.24 27.9 6.4
305 x 102 x 140 153 7.23 21.1 8.5
380 x 102 x 140 110 6.44 17.1 11.8
229 x 102 x 215 131 7.05 18.6 9.9


*Only available in split and pitched face.

Pack sizes include for a 10mm mortar joint.

All packs shrink-wrapped with voids for forklift off loading.

All pack weights approximately 1300 kg.

When purchasing sizes 380 or 229, we will supply in a ratio of two packs to one (2 x 380 packs to 1 x 229 pack).


Finishing Options


Tumbled stone has a rough irregular shape and finish that replicates old weathered stone. It is especially popular in rural areas such as the Cotswolds and the South West. It is an authentic cost effective alternative to natural stone that is readily accepted and approved by local planning authorities and conservationists.

Bekstone Walling Tumbled Finish

Split has a slightly uneven finish to its face which looks similar to rough hewn stone. It's often preferred to brick due to the range of course heights and lengths. It can be laid in either a coursed pattern or to create a more authentic appearance use two or more course height blocks.

Bekstone Walling Split Finish

Pitched is similar to naturally quarried and dressed stone. It has a rough raised profile that produces the subtle, authentic rugged appearance of traditional tooled stone found in many Limestone and Sandstone areas. It is available in a range of block heights, lengths and colours and is found in many rural and urban areas.

Bekstone Walling Pitched Finish


In keeping with our policy of continual product development, Bekstone reserves the right to alter any specification shown. All products are made from naturally occurring materials and as such, colours depicted are as accurate as photographic and web illustration process allow. All content is for guidance only with weights and measures being approximates. All recommendations and suggestions made do not constitute a guarantee.

Our reconstituted stone and concrete products contain natural aggregates and pigments that can vary slightly in colour from to time to time. We therefore cannot guarantee that manufactured products from different production batches will always have identical colouration. Therefore we advise that when using several packs of walling on a project, that the product is drawn randomly from all of the packs used to achieve an overall well blended appearance.



All products are manufactured from accurately controlled proportions of milled limestone, cement and pigments. The products are manufactured from natural materials and may be subject to slight colour variations. It is therefore recommended that users work from 3-4 packs to achieve optimum colour blending.

Many factors influence weathering characteristics, such as location, degree of exposure, prevailing weather conditions and design. Bekstone Walling will weather in a similar manner to natural stone. Bekstone will not be held responsible for the apparent colour fading or any other effect on the appearance of the stone due to efflorescence. This is a temporary phenomenon characteristic of all high cement content products which will reduce over a period of time.

As with all facing masonry (reconstituted stone, bricks and natural stone) the external envelope is not totally impervious to heavy driving rain as there is the possibility that water penetration will take place through mortar joints. To avoid this good building and site practice should be observed. Tests carried out gave a mean average of less than 10% absorption by weight after 24 hours.

Consideration must be given to the inclusion of movement joints. These should be installed wherever there are changes in height, wall thickness and runs of continuous walling greater than 6 metres in length. Bed reinforcement should be included above and below openings extending at least 600mm either side of the opening.

We strongly recommend the use of mortars containing lime because their lower permeability gives greater resistance to rain penetration.

Cement: Lime: Sand = 1 : 1 : 6

Masonry Cement: Sand = 1 : 4

Plasticised Cement: Sand = 1 : 5

The strength of the mortar should always be weaker than that of the stonework. Your mortar supplier should be able to provide suitable advice.