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Tanners Mill

Tanners Mill Paving

Tanners Mill


An authentic reproduction of fine antique paving flags, Tanners Mill recreates the characteristics of Yorkshire paving flags laid during Victorian times.
The distinctive 'worn' antique appearance makes Tanners Mill ideal for complementing period properties and perfect for use in the traditional English garden setting.



Contractor Pack (Pallet)

600mm x 600mm (10 paving flags)

600mm x 450mm (10 paving flags)

600mm x 300mm (12 paving flags)

300mm x 300mm (8 paving flags)

40 paving flags per pack

40 paving flags (1 Pack) cover approximately 9.00m2 based on a typical jointing gap of 10mm.

Thickness 30mm (Grey Green)  40mm (Garonne Abbey)


Laying Comments

Use a traditional sand cement pointing mortar or for fast cost effective jointing use Pavestone Pointfix.

Never use rock salt or de-icing salts on concrete paving. Salt corrodes and destroys all concrete through a chemical reaction and in addition will exaggerate the natural freeze thaw cycles that erode the surface of concrete.