Raking Coping Installation

Installation Advice on Cast Stone Raking Copings

Cast Stone Coping Installation Guide  Download our Cast stone coping istallation guide.


Coping Installation Guide

Bekstone supply three types of raking coping stones, Flat Top, Once Weathered and Twice Weathered (Apex). All copings should be installed using stainless steel cramp fixings and should be bedded on a mortar along the entire length of the coping. The illustrations, within the downloadable guide, demonstrate the correct installation using Once Weathered Coping. The methodology for installation is the same for each.


  1. A high bond DPC membrane should be bedded over blockwork and cavity so that it is sandwiched between the joint and has 5mm overhang.
  1. The cramps and dowels should be fitted to the joint, plugged and screwed to the blockwork.  Dowel holes to the coping drilled on site and dowels fitted through the cramp into the coping.  Any punctures to the DPC membrane or leadwork need to be sealed. This can be achieved by adding a second layer of self adhesive DPC membrane over the cramps before the installation of the next coping to ensure water proofing.
  2. An M6 mortar or designation (ii) (1:½:4 - 4½ cement:lime:sand) is reccommended horizontal and sloping parapet wall copings.
  3. Movement joints should be incorporated, at run maximums of 1.5 meter (centres) to both horizontal and sloping applications.
  4. Keep cast stonework clean during construction.  Ensure that the mortar doesn’t encroach onto the face of the units during installation.  Rubbing to remove marks or stains is not advisable.

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