Bekstone Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Bekstone recognises that it has an obligation to help protect the environment and the neighbourhoods in which we operate. This awareness is a fundamental part of our business strategy and we will seek, as far as is reasonably practicable, to minimise the company's effects on our immediate and wider environment:


We are committed to:

  • Ensuring environmental issues are considered carefully at all levels when planning and conducting business activities.
  • We comply with all applicable regulatory requirements and work cooperatively with regulatory bodies, including the Environment Agency and our Local Authorities to ensure a continued awareness of changes in environmental legislation.
  • Our employees understand and act in accordance with our environmental aims.
  • We provide an environmentally ­friendly range of products and will inform customers of any health and safety impacts associated directly with our products.
  • Our natural stone products are sourced from ethically and environmentally mindful quarry operators who adopt the Ethical Trading Initiative's codes of practice.
  • We minimise the environmental health and safety risks to our employees.
  • We manage our activities in line with best business practice to control the impact on the local community of noise, dust, light emissions and traffic movements.
  • We seek to reduce energy consumption and water usage at our premises and make the most effective use of our delivery vehicles in line with business activities.
  • To minimise our waste and segregate it for reuse/recycling.

"Bekstone will seek to continuously improve our performance in the above areas, year on year, and will communicate the results of our efforts to employees, customers and suppliers".


Heather Barker
Managing Director


Bekstone is ISO 14001 accredited:

  • Ensuring legislative awareness and compliance
  • Reducing our costs, overheads and wastage
  • Focuses on proactive management and employee engagement.
  • Recognises our green credentials

Electricity that is used to power our production machinery, light, heat and general power is supplied from renewable resources via generation which is Climate Change Levy exempt. Sources which contribute include wind turbines and hydro electric schemes*.

*Audited by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance


Bekstone is BREEAM accredited Bekstone is ISO 9001 accredited Bekstone is ISO 14001 accredited Bekstone is BSI re